Waymo, Alphabet’s self driving car unit has recently made a deal with Avis to service its autonomous vehicles and the removing complaints from Google team is just waiting to see what will happen next with this strategic partnership. The company is allowing it to have a coup for the first deal of its kind in the field. Avis owns Zipcar, which is an on-demand car rental service right now. In Waymo’s Phoenix facility it has began testing its self-driving cars and this is where the deal is taking place.

Bloomberg news has reported that Apple struck a deal with Hertz rent cars, which they can also test, their own autonomous technology with the company. Waymo’s idea to do this with Avis has given them a potential asset over their rivals like the major automakers and Uber Technologies Inc. already have which is a sprawling network of traditional cars and customers that could be transformed into self-driving transport service over time. Even though the Avis and Waymo deal is only in Phoenix right now, Waymo could still spread their self-driving systems into other cars over time since Zipcar is part of Avis’ appeal. This partnership is the first major one involving driverless car fleets, which is a business opening that could jelp the technology spread. Operators like Avis and Hertz Global Holdings Inc. are bracing for the upheaval autonomous could bring. They say that its important for them to get involved now since its on their way. It is important for both of these rental car companies to get involved so this way they are expanding their business into fleet-management as a service. Soon enough you’ll have the option of either renting a regular car or an autonomous car.

Now it is a wait and see for what is to happen next for the partnership of Avis and Waymo Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle along with Hertz and Apple’s plans.

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