If you’ve been looking into any type of technology/business magazines lately, you’ve heard about NetSuite. If you haven’t, it’s about time you found out about it.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite runs your software for you. It automates key processes in your business and integrates with multiple accounting, ecommerce, and CRM programs, putting everything into one platform for easy management and more efficient tracking.

Employees across all of your company’s departments can access their respective areas of NetSuite, making communication simpler. Marketing/sales, finance, fulfillment, procurement, service, management, and more are all put into one single platform with NetSuite.

How does NetSuite improve sales?

NetSuite does not necessarily directly improve sales. Instead, it improves the efficiency of workers inside a company, allowing them to better serve customers and meet the business’ goals.

NetSuite is considered the smartest piece of cloud technology available for retailers. It helps speed up everyday tasks and simplify all of your different programs and platforms into one single interface. This allows for easier tracking and more intuitive goal-setting.

How much does NetSuite integration cost?

The cost of NetSuite integration varies depending on the size of business and how much integration is needed. To determine the best implementation for your business, you should reach out to NetSuite experts and get their advice.

Without a doubt, they will want to setup a meeting with you before providing a service quote. This will allow them to see your business’ current platforms and help you determine the right course of action.

Improve Performance

You can improve the performance of every sector of your company by using the role-based dashboards. This allows, for instance, people in the sales department to see only the programs most relevant to them, and likewise for people in marketing and order fulfillment. This de-clutters the workspace, and it also speeds up the work of your employees—saving money and allowing you to better serve your customers.

The average business will see a 50 to 80% increase in actionably business insights, in addition to improving their gross performance margin by up to 5%. Revenue performance has also been shown to increase between 2 and 10%, while inventory costs are reduced by 20% to 30%.

All of this is the result of simply cleaning up your interface and making your employees’ management systems more assessable to them.


NetSuite integration saves companies significant amounts of money in the long run. Up to 75% reductions have been seen in IT resource costs, disaster recovery costs, and customer backorders.

Your business will run much more efficiently when your systems are integrated into a simple, manageable interface. Employees will have all the tools they need—and only the tools they need—right in front of them at all times. You’ll also be able to manage their performance better, allowing you to set realistic goals and track your company’s progress in meeting them.

All of this results in saving money and improving customer experience by serving users in a quicker, more efficient way.

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