Since the social media apps have introduced in the world, its popularity convincingly is on the rise. People have their individual cell phone these days and they get their hands contemporary social messaging apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Zalo, Whatsapp and plenty of others alike. The young kids and teens are the most regular users of the social media platforms. But over the years young kids and teens are using Facebook and Snapchat more than any other platforms. Why these platforms are fascinating for kids and teens and why they spend most of the time on these two might instant messengers? Let’s view the states in the following.

Snapchat Statistics

According to the latest reports, the Snapchat photo and video sharing social messaging app have 178 million daily active users all over the world, and its users have risen from 153 million to 178 million within a quarter year. The young teens are using the particular app more than anyone else and the Facebook users start declining compared to the Snapchat users.

Facebook Messenger Statistics

Over the years Facebook has the immense popularity among the users and states has shown that it almost 2 billion users this year. Even then, its popularity has started declining especially among the teens and kids.

Why monitor Facebook & Snapchat?

The popular instant messengers Facebook and Snapchat are the most wanted instant messaging apps these days. Young kids and teens use these apps to send the text messages, chat conversations, shared media files such as videos and photos. Because these two social media apps allow a user to send photos and videos more than any another social networking app. young generation has got plenty of online social issues over the years that have really put their lives into real danger. There are following that force parent to spy on Facebook and Snapchat to the fullest.

Cyber Stalking

Young kids and teens commonly receive flying text messages at Facebook and Snapchat. The senders mostly stalkers that always want to chase young teens on social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. They make teens initially their friends and after having a couple trust, stalkers ask for the meeting in real life to have the relationship and most of the teens got into the trap due to their emotional and immature age and finally got cheated by the stalkers that really damaged teens from inside.

Cyber Bullying

The online bullies chase kids and teens on Facebook and now they are chasing teens on the Snapchat social messaging app. They use racist phrases and sexually abusive language and harass the young teens on these two platforms more than another platform. They are mentally frustrated people that chase only teens to get entertained and for the sake of fun. The harmful symptoms are the same for online and real-life bullying, so parents need to aware of the fact.

Sexual Encounters

Young teens use these two popular platforms as dating sites and they chase their match for sexual encounters and for hookups. Due to unaware of the users and don’t have the prior information they meet people online and then in the real life. There are plenty of the cases has been reported over the years in which teens get raped by the unknown online boyfriends.

Health issues

Young kids and teens usually got health issues due to excessive use of social media platforms. They may get depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders and mental disorders. They cannot leave the social media at all.

Spy on Facebook and Snapchat messages through TOS

TheOneSpy mobile monitoring software empowers users to track all the messages sent or received on the target cell phone gadget and on installed social messaging apps. Users have to install the cell phone tracking software on the cell phones of kids and teens. A user can use the live screen recording of the cell phone spying spyware. It enables users to do the screen recording of the all the trendy social media apps including Facebook and Snapchat.

Moreover, a user can also use the spy 360 screen sharing of the cell phone spy app that allows a user to share the live screen into the online control panel.  A user can see the sent and received all the messages of Facebook messenger and Snapchat as well. Use screenshots to get activities happen on the social apps messenger and use can also capture remotely screenshots of messages of both of the social messaging apps.

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