The manufacturing process is constantly being evaluated, as businesses look for ways to cut costs without compromising on production, and the latest generation of software packages can help your manufacturing business become more efficient.

Overall Equipment Efficiency

There are OEE systems available that can really benefit a manufacturing process, with a range of tools designed to help manufacturing teams identify areas for improvement and increase bottom line savings.

Increased Output

OEE systems can effectively increase production without any additional capital outlay or labour costs, which has to be a bonus for any manufacturer. Another advantage is the ability to maintain existing output by using less resources, which also results in cost savings, and with a customised solution, the system can be tailored to suit any manufacturing process.

Additional Benefits

Overall equipment efficiency software offers many other benefits, which include the following:

  • Data handling tools (Automated and manual)
  • Root cause analysis tools
  • Improvement agendas and suggestion themes
  • Energy and quality monitoring tools

Using this system, you can eliminate time consuming and costly spreadsheet creations, as critical data can be automatically fed into graphic representations, which allow the management to analyse any situation at the drop of a hat.

Multiple Production Lines

The OEE software can be used with a single or multiple production lines, even if they are located in different locations, and with vital decision support tools that provide accurate data on both performance and quality, it is possible for the management to streamline the manufacturing process at no extra cost to the business.

Root Cause Analysis

It can be a real challenge to pinpoint the underlying cause of manufacturing issues, and with root cause analysis tools, one can effectively identify the real issues behind the problem. The software can collate vita data from various locations and analyses the core issues that inhibit improved production.

“What If” Solutions

It is possible to minimise risks by employing the “What If” analytical tool, which assesses different options, either with certain machines or the shifts required. The tool allows you to evaluate possible changes before implementation, and therefore minimise the risks before actually committing to any changes. One can create a “What If’ report that will calculate the percentage of increased production if you eliminated or amended any specific operation.

Suggestion Schemes

These are designed to encourage employee involvement in solving problems, and with a browser input system, any employee can make a suggestion, and others are able to give their input on any potential amendment, way before it goes any further, allowing the management to carefully consider all the options.

Software advances have enabled production lines to use data analysis tools that can really improve production or lower costs for an existing production target, and with online specialists who have developed the ideal software, any manufacturing business can benefit from these tools. The system is beneficial to small and large companies alike, and due to the tailored solutions, the system can be tweaked to suit the client’s needs.

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