The surge in numbers of people who quit their careers and started their own enterprise is a reflection of how the Internet has changed modern society, and with e-commerce fast becoming the preferred way to purchase goods, the World Wide Web is a global network that connects us all. This link brings with it dangers, as your Internet connection provides a pathway to your computers, and therefore, all your critical data. Protection is essential and there are many software products that offer anti-virus security, and with cloud based versions, the program is working on a dedicated server.

Cost Effective Solutions

There are two main concerns for the small business, viruses and spam. While you can run two separate programs to accomplish this, there are options that use a single program to give you both of these services. Mailcleaner is a reliable and affordable application that can be configured to suit your business, and it works by altering the incoming mail server address and having all the emails sent to a dedicated server. All incoming emails are scanned for known viruses and the system will quarantine any harmful files, which prevents infection. The protection is basically an additional loop between your regular incoming mail server and a dedicated server, and once your mail has been screened, it is forwarded to you as before.

Redirecting Incoming Mail

The cloud based anti-virus application would redirect your incoming mail to a dedicated server by changing the address in your mail server configurations on your web host server, which then receives the filtered emails back from the dedicated server and they can then be sent to your inbox. This simple alteration does not affect any other aspect of your online setup, and from the moment the change has been made, your business receives round the clock protection, and with regular updates, your software will always remain a solid line of defence.

Cloud Based for Better Security

Anything that attempts to disguise itself in an email will be picked up by a cloud based anti-virus program and with that type of protection, any potential threat is eliminated before it even arrives in your inbox. Cloud based protection is both efficient and affordable, and the price depends on how many inboxes you want to protect, and with an easy to use interface, the user can configure the perfect spam settings, which means no more time wasted on spam deletion every morning.

Peace of Mind

We all read about those unfortunate victims of viruses, and in the modern world, a harmful cyber-attack is every bit as real as any other form of threat. If you have total protection against both viruses and unwanted emails, you will have time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

No business can afford to take the chance and leave their critical data open to cyber-attack, and if you want to eliminate that annoying spam, the two services can be combined into a single program.

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