What is known in online marketing as Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of generating specific internet web pages that will go on to rank high in search engine returns.

SEO is carried out via the optimisation of certain sections or “elements” in the HTML coding of every page. These sections are respectively read by search engines and, relying on the amount of optimisation, will go on to generate the greater chance of free referral traffic.

  • There are a number of techniques and opinions regarding how a web page can be optimised, and a lot will depend on the kind of site, the content, purpose and competition, if appropriate.
  • But normally the use of search engine optimisation for online marketing in Sydney will depend mostly on the correct usage of specific keywords and key phrases that give a description of a site’s content.
  • It’s best for the keywords to first appear in the TITLE area of the page’s source code.
  • They should also make an appearance in the META description section where a page is correctly described by the repetition of keywords.
  • The META keywords section also contains specific keywords or key phrases which describe the website’s product, services or content.
  • Correctly, the source code for all subsequent pages in the site will have their very own special keywords listed.
  • Every page title should make use of one or more of these exclusive keywords for the utmost search engine optimisation.

Getting the Content Right

  • Due to SEO depending so much on keywords, the most important keywords and key phrases should be used freely in the first couple of paragraphs of the content of every page, and then scattered throughout the rest of the body.
  • The very final paragraph of a page should also be keyword laden.
  • One more crucial placement of keywords is in the H1 and H2 header fields of every page. The most important keywords or key phrases should be located here.

More Techniques

  • Some other methods for aiding search engine optimization or SEO are by naming image files and anchors with keywords.
  • Anchors, also known as crosslinks, are allusions to other pages on a site.
  • And lastly, offering links to and from external sites, named backlinks are also of importance, as search engine spider bots happen to navigate by the way of links.
  • The text in a page that leads to external links may also contain keywords also.

Learning Curve

  • The tutoring for how to learn all about search engine optimisation is nowadays easily accessible on the internet for anyone who wishes to optimise their very own sites. There are also professional SEO services that can provide a skilled service at a cost.

Nowadays, if conducting your own SEO or using an expert service, with the billions of web pages online and the hundreds and often thousands of “hits” from any online search, SEO is a definite requirement for anybody seeking advantages from search engine traffic.

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