Audience response systems have been in use since the 1960s. Companies have been using these systems to keep audiences engaged and to get insightful data about the success of their live events. In the olden days, the response systems were similar to clickers: a small wired remote with a set of buttons that could be used to get the audience’s opinion or to vote on different things. With time, audience response systems began to develop and improve, providing audiences with even more levels of engagement.

However, the one issue with conventional audience response systems was that they were bulky and required technicians on site to maintain them. In case anything went wrong, the technician would quickly rush over to the scene and take charge. These audience response systems were clunky and quite expensive to maintain. This cost companies a significant amount of money on an annual basis, simply because the cost of hosting live events was so high. However, there are much better alternatives available on the market.

The introduction of the cloud has completely revitalised the way people use conventional technology; applications now offer amazing options for integration and collaboration, allowing several users to work on the same project. However, cloud computing has also made its way into several other fields with many companies now using a cloud-based audience response system. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should consider switching over to a cloud-based response system to keep audiences engaged.

Simple and Quick

Asking people to state their opinions by raising their hands is a common concept but it takes a lot of time to count the number of hands, especially if you are standing before a large audience. On the other hand, transferring paper tests into digital scans is a laborious task. Recording responses with the help of a cloud-based response system is simple and extremely quick; it requires little to no effort on the part of the audience and all of the responses are quickly stored on the cloud computing server. From there, you can easily translate them into different types of graphs and charts as well as use the statistics to come up with better ideas to engage your audiences.


Another major reason why cloud-based systems are so popular is because everyone has the option of casting his or her vote as an anonymous person, which ultimately leads to more honest and accurate answers from people in the audience.

Cost Effective

Arguably the biggest reason why so many companies now prefer converting over to a cloud-based response system is because they are much more affordable. There are several services that you can use that can serve as audience response systems in which people can input their responses. It’s a very efficient tool that can save you a great deal of money since you don’t have to worry about installing a clunky machine in place. These are just some of the major reasons why you should switch over to a cloud-based response system.

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