refurbished Apple products

Apple is considered the pinnacle of modern, handheld technology. The reason being due to its’ simplicity and elegance, with the only downside being new products being valued upwards of £500 for an iPhone or £1,000 for their new MacBook.

The products do deliver exceptional service, but with constant upgrades being available annually, you may be better off getting a professionally refurbished Apple product rather than paying the full price.

This post is going to weigh out the benefits of refurbished Apple products and why you should consider roaming the refurbished options rather than paying full price for a new device.

Why apple refurbished products are still reliable

Much like a brand new device, a professionally refurbished apple product usually offers an included warranty. The process of refurbishing the products ensures that the devices are bug-free, and with new screens/keyboards included where necessary.

Each refurbished Apple product go through consistent processes, to be able to be sellable. This process includes: Cleaning, testing (for both software and other aspects like stiff buttons, etc), and finally, stripping then built to order, ready for sale.

The products must be tested and approved before sale, and usually when buying from a trusted seller, refurbished Apple products are fully functional and are great value considering they also come with a warranty, as well as savings.

Apple refurbished products are cheaper

Refurbished Apple products are a lot cheaper, and rarely compromise on quality. You could be saving anything from £50 – £300+, depending on the product you choose to get.

The fact that these products are tried, tested and given to you cheaper and with a warranty, there really is no reason why you should choose the brand new option, especially when it comes to an outdated model of iPhone or MacBook.

Refurbished Apple products are your best option if you wanted to feel that nostalgia of the classic iPod, without having to pay a hefty price for the product.

You can buy discontinued products

There are various great products, for instance the Apple Cinema All-in-one monitor, which is no longer sold by Apple themselves, but are sold from reliable Apple merchants, for decent prices considering the product is now seen as a rare item.

The benefits of buying discontinued Apple products from reliable sellers is that you get a hard-to-find product, which could become very valuable in due time, as well as receiving a warranty and getting value for your hard-earned money.


Hopefully this post has raised awareness of the benefits of refurbished Apple products, and perhaps can make you consider getting a refurbished device over a new one.

To sum it up, the main benefits of refurbished Apple products are the quality assurance, combined with the money saved, and the benefits of getting discontinued products from reliable sellers.

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